Fall Fashion Week - Day 6

Wow, it is so much a harder to post a blog on Saturday! It's almost 9pm and I am just getting around to posting this bad boy (and to eating dinner...oops!). So, here is my cute outfit that I was supposed to wear yesterday but sported today instead...

Sweater: Primark
Tank: North Face
Skirt (with pockets=score!): Target
Tights: H&M
Boots: My newly beloved...Camper

And in lieu of nature fashion, I can't help but force you let you see the adorableness that is my son...dressed up as a sock monkey non-the-less!


  1. Your sock monkey is adorable! :) That's a really cute look on you!!! I love the long sweater over the dress.

  2. omg, the sock monkey is adorable!

  3. i really really love that sweater!

  4. What a lovely sweater... I quite enjoyed Primark when I was in the UK last winter!


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