Weekend Update - Connor Style

Connor started walking this weekend! He takes like two steps then falls flat on his face. Seriously. He doesn’t even try to break his fall, just straight down. But I am so proud of him because he just gets back up and tries again. And because I have issues, it was next to impossible for me to get a video of him walking (only got ones of him falling), so instead, here are some action shots of him trying to walk.

I LOVE the expression on Ian's face in the second picture...excitement for the accomplishment of his little boy!

And in some more Connor news, he is one smart cookie. On Sunday at church, as soon as we walked into the nursery, he started crying. I wasn’t even ready to hand him over. He just knew. And when a worker tried to take him, he dug his little nails into my skin and screamed. Such a drama king! I am told he always calms down and starts playing, but what drama!

And because it is too cute for words, a little video of Connor playing peek-a-boo with me thru our mail slot.

Oh the life of the mama raising the world’s cutest kid!

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