Fall Fashion Week - Day 2

Just to make me eat my words, it is incredibly sunny out. And when taking my picture, the husband failed to mention that it was so bright that I looked like I was glowing. Seriously. Not one picture that the sun wasn't crazy bright in. Oh well. I am not in the mood for a re-shoot. And don't worry, I am doubting the sun will be a problem again this week!

Sweater: Hollister
Tank: Michael Stars
Jeans: Citizens
Boots: faithful Uggs

I saw this sweater in my closet this morning and haven't worn it in forever. Seriously, like a couple years. So I decided to wear it. Putting it on, I totally wasn't feeling it. I mentioned to the husband that I was going to get rid of it, but he apparently loves the sweater, so it is getting a reprieve and I am keeping it for now.

And now for fall nature fashion Tuesday. These pictures are of the same tree, just a different angle. And I was actually taking pictures of a tree in someone's front yard...a front yard on Old Church Lane...the same street as the picture from yesterday.


  1. Yay for unexpected sunshine and hubbies who convince us to keep clothes THEY love!!

    I love the "secret garden" feel of the first nature fashion shot. That iron gate is pretty awesome.

    Leaving the House in THIS?!?!

  2. is that sweater gray and tan and cream? Those are some of my favorite colors together!!

  3. Loving the sunshine! I say keep the sweater. It looks like it's comfy, and it's definitely cute.

  4. Hey! I have a shirt just like that sweater! We could be all matchy-matchy. I'm glad your husband talked you out of chucking it. Husbands can be good like that (not like I would know). And too bright = better than too dark at least. You're a cutie.

  5. I like the gray/tan combo you're sporting here. Well done!

  6. Aw, I love when there's something the man loves. Cute.
    Awesome autumn photos, too!

  7. You look cute, glowing and all.


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