While strolling around town yesterday, I saw an adorable cafe that caught my eye. I made Ian walk over to it with me to check it out. The closer I got, the more adorable it looked. So, we went in.

At the counter, our eyes came across some scrumptious looking carrot cake. We ordered a piece to split. OH-SO-GOOD! The cake part was so most and delicious. And the frosting, not too sweet, just perfect. We ended up getting a second piece to split. Seriously. It was just that good. And it has been occupying my mind ever since.

I think I will be headed back there this week for some more carrot cake goodness!


  1. Unrelated to this post:

    You served JK Rowling?!! I am a little bit star-struck right now to tell you the truth... thanks for sharing! Are you a big fan? How did you react?

    And my hubs wants to know if she's a good tipper. ;)

  2. Huge fan. I instantly recognized her. At first, I was so nervous every time I served her, but then I got used to it. She always came in dressed up (and no one else in the area ever dressed like that) and wearing sunglasses. And yes, she is a good tipper.


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