One Sick Week

It's been a rough week in our little household. First Ian was home sick for 3 days. And when I mean sick, I mean practically bedridden for 3 days. As soon as Ian was starting to recover, Connor got sick. It started with him waking up constantly throughout the night and has turned into a sick little baby with a rash all over his body. Makes me so sad.

I realize you can't really see the rash in the pictures...but trust me, it is there!

And it frustrated me to take Connor to the doctor and have them act as if it was no big deal. They told me if the rash was still there on Monday, to bring him back in. Didn't help with my fears about the rash at all. But thankfully, we went to the pharmacy and spoke with a pharmacist who was much more helpful. She gave Connor as prescription to help with the rash. I am so thankful for the uber cool program over here where you can see a pharmacist for minor sickness and they can prescribe medicine on the spot...and even if they are prescribing something over the counter for Connor, because he is under 16, they give it to us for free!

Our one little glimmer in the week came yesterday. Connor got a package from home! He was so excited about it!

The funny part was, he was looking at the stuff and clapping.

Thankfully there were 2 large bags of peanut butter m&m's in there for Ian and I. We won't be sharing our bags with each other as that never works out well!

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