Cutest Sock Monkey EVER

Last year a very nice person sent the future baby Connor a sock monkey outfit and a little sock monkey. This person had no clue that I had a not-so-secret obsession with sock monkeys and this was the most perfect gift ever for my unborn child.

I have been patiently waiting for the day that Connor got to first wear this adorableness. Every few months I would pull the outfit out and look at it. As halloween was approaching, I knew that it was the perfect occasion for Connor to sport his sock monkey outfit. Sure it is a tad too long, but Connor looked great in his outfit and sported it all day long...even to get his hair cut for the third time. The kid has thick hair that grows like weeds!


  1. Can't believe it... sooooooo cute!!! What a little doll! Thanks so much for sharing the pictures.


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