A Comparison of Curious Siblings

Young toddlerhood is such a curious age. It's also an age that lacks impulse control, haha! Tupperware cabinets get emptied, toilet paper rolls pulled out, towels pulled down. It happens ALL DAY LONG. The thing is, I've gotten smarter along the way. Qtips are no longer kept where little hands can get them. Toilet paper rolls are generally kept on the counter...sort of ghetto, but saves the loss of tp in the long run! These preventative measures still don't keep Willa from being curious. The other day she climbed up on the dining table and took a bite out of literally every apple in the bowl. Then she proceeded to throw the apples off the table. I forget how busy young toddlers keep you. She moves things from room to room and throws things ALL THE TIME. I find things from the kitchen in my room. Or her latest has been throwing the clock next to my bed down the stairs. It has happened twice now, so the clock has been moved. Except, I really liked having a clock next to my bed. Oh well. One day soon it will be able to be back. 

All four kids are just a couple weeks apart in these photos. Connor and Isla had loads more hair that Callum or Willa, but at least Callum had enough hair at this point for a haircut! She apparently takes after her mom. I didn't really have hair until I was two. 

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  1. Love your precious family. It's so good that you are doing this blog. The kids do things and say things you think you will never forget, but sadly you do. I keep a page of the things Andrea posts quoting our grandkids...I guess it's a Mom thing as Joshua isn't so good about posting his kids sayings. Love you my dear friend. May the Lord continue to bless you and your familia.


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