First Day of School

I was sort of dreading school starting. I have gotten so used to not setting an alarm and sort of doing whatever we want...around the house. I know a lot of people aren't pleased about distance learning, but I was happy when the school announced it. I felt nervous sending the kids back, especially with there not seeming to be any practices in place for keeping the kids healthy and quarantining if anyone got sick. Anyway, a few days before school started, the school district released a schedule that had me worried. They basically wanted the kids to sit at their computers from 8:30-2:30 everyday. That had me worried. But Ian told me to give it a month and see what happens. 

The first day of school got off to a rocky start. I couldn't get Connor logged on to the school program. It turns out it was overwhelmed by so many people trying to log on at the same time. Then, the first day of school video kept freezing. I gave up on that, bypassed the school's website and logged Connor in directly to the program and got him "into" class. Funnily enough, they later told us not to bypass the school website, but it worked, so I still consider it a win. 

I had logged Isla into class a half an hour early, so she didn't have any problems. After the rocky start to the day, things went pretty well. Both kids have break and lunch at the same time. They also finish for the day around the same time, 1pm, then start "independent work" which really is just a fancy name for homework, haha!

Besides Isla missing playing with her friends, I actually think distance learning is going well. It involves way less of me than it did in the spring. Now, my time is spent keeping Callum and Willa quiet and out of the way! 

At this point, it is anyone's guess as to when school will actually go back to in person. But I am happy with how things are going at home. It is going way better and smoother than I expected. 

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