2 Months

Well folks, I have now made it two months. My life is different than it was even a month ago. I have assimilated to the culture more, though I am still known as the "crazy American". I have started to say things that the Brits say...things like toilet instead of bathroom, till instead of register and rubbish instead of sucks...though I still do say sucks from time to time. I have also gotten more used to being on the bus. I no longer stare out the window in amazement everywhere I go. The problem is that I now zone out and forget to get off the bus...this is another problem all of its own. Ian and I have also started to make some friends. We were even invited to someone's house for lunch...it was a really nice lunch and they made a huge meal from scratch. I was impressed. We are getting more involved in church. We even joined a cell group...though work seems to get in the way of that.

I still see/hear/smell things every day that amaze me. The sky seems to have way more color and excitement in it than the one in Southern California...though technically it is the same sky! I am still not used to the whole people not wearing deodorant thing on a crowded bus. It does a number on my nose! I am still trying to figure out how to politely cover my nose. The accents here range from easily understandable to barely recognizable as English. No joke. I can understand the majority of people, but I do run into people almost daily that have such a "crazy" accent that I can't understand them. This poses a problem when I am trying to take their order at Starbucks.

I have to admit that I miss my family and friends. It is weird to not be able to see people whenever I want. And, the time change can be annoying. Once it is late enough here for me to call people, I am tired and want to go to bed...sorry Chandra. I am greatly looking forward to going home for a visit in 3 weeks. But, it makes me sad that after that I don't know the next time I will be home. I miss the people from my "old life" and still want to see them all the time. How is that possible when I live 7500 miles away?

In conclusion, after 2 months, I am getting along well in Edinburgh. Things are starting to seem more normal to me...though walking to and from the grocery store is still a pain in the butt (or more a pain in my arms!) This new life of mine is so different from my old one, but good. I am accepting it and moving forward...that is a good thing.


  1. Yeah so I completely understand the forget to get off the bus thing. I did that once and then I had to walk aways back to where I needed to go. HAHA!!!!!

  2. Nice even though you are making me look bad - you've managed to do more in 2 months than I have in 2 years. Kudos to you


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