Living in Los Angeles, I thought was beautiful. I loved the huge rolling joke. Seeing the beach from Glendale on a clear day, beautiful sunsets, beautiful weather, diversity among people. You get the picture. But, now that I am living in Edinburgh, I have come to appreciate a new kind of beauty. I wanted to share with you all something I wrote down on my way to work the other was just one of those days...

Some days everything seems beautiful. The weather is beautiful, in fact warm for here. The sky is beautiful. The park is beautiful. I am even seeing beauty in things like road signs covered in stickers. Some may find this tacky, but it looked neat, it looked beautiful. When I was waiting for the bus, I was looking at the beautiful park on Princes Street. It had just been fertilized, which was not a beautiful smell. But, the park itself looked so serene, so beautiful. Looking across the street...the cobblestone street...I saw an eclectic mix of old buildings. Not California old, but hundreds of years old. So beautiful. The way Edinburgh has been able to mix the old and the new has created a beautiful array of styles. I love it. Sometimes everyday things can just be so beautiful.

I feel like after moving here my eyes have been opened again. I am once again seeing the every day things that had just become so normal to me. I am people watching again. I am appreciating the "warm" weather (when I only bundle up in a sweater and not a coat). Take a minute today, wherever you are, to slow down and appreciate the beauty around you. It's everywhere!


  1. What you described SOUNDS so beautiful - and your photos are PROOF. The opening of our eyes is also a truly beautiful thing. It's great to hear you're enjoying the "simple" things of your stickers on street signs :), as well as the history & architecture of your "new home" - undoubtedly breathtaking! Awe, I must take some time to stop and smell the smog laden concrete roses of LA from time to time...(wink). In all seriousness, there ARE so many splendors around us; we just have to look.

  2. Well just to let you know Mom and I took a walk today and looked at all the beautiful leaves turning colors!

  3. Stop and smell the roses, yes I will do that today! It is gorgeous here right now Jessica. We heart our beautiful So. Cal. The air is crisp but we don't have to wear our jackets-yet. But your Scotland looks heavenly...but cold!

    We really want to visit you sometime.


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