The Thoughts of Jessica

You have the power to change anything, because you are the on who chooses your thoughts and you are the one who feels your feelings. - The Secret

Is this true? Can we change anything? Our thoughts and our feelings seem to be the hardest things to control. This may not be true for everyone, but for me it is true. When you move to another country, one has a lot of time on their hands to think, ponder, read, feel, think get the picture. I have decided that I really need to control what I put in my mind - you know, crap in, crap out. So, I started reading. I am in the middle of reading Velvet Elvis, by Rob Bell. This book is phenomenal. A definite must read. This book has opened my eyes to so many aspects of the bible that I never even knew, or thought of. Rob does a good job at letting people know that it is okay to have questions about God, it is okay to not have it all figured out. How great is that?!? Every day can be a learning experience! I read Ian some of the things that have really stuck out to me in the book, and he started reading it today! Look at the impact I have on that man!

Looking at my life, all I can do is try to live my life to the best of my ability. What does that entail? I have decided this means:
* Showing those I love how much I love and appreciate them
* Spending time studing God and knowing why I believe what I believe
* Being a hard worker...not a slacker (not that I ever really was)
* Taking care of my body - eating healthy, getting expercise
* Making plans for the future and going for them

I want to take control of my life. I won't let myself be blown around in the wind. Everyday, I want my life to count and matter. This means, I have to focus on the things that count and matter. I know you all thought I was just over here in Scotland partying it up, but look at what has been going on...I have been thinking, and reading!


  1. have done some serious thinking!

  2. Jessica this is a good thing; a powerful thing. Keep it up. Scotland has more in store for you than you can outline today. The growth is just beginning. I heard inspiration in your "writing voice"...may it continue because in the end that means we will have more interesting blogs to read:)

    It really is all about us. lol.

  3. Bravo! Very well written and very true! Thanks for the inspiring ROCK!!!

    Miss you babe!! xoxo

  4. Awe yeh. I knew that would be a great farewell gift! ;) What you have realized, articulated and are working to apply are truths that we all should be striving to grasp and practice. I love that this change in location and in pace of life has helped facilitate this "thinking thing". MY brain is mush these days...ha! Keep the thoughts coming!


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