Some Things in Life...

...are just worth questioning. So folks, this is the case of the cup in the bathroom. I walked into the employee toilet (or as Americans would call it, bathroom) the other day only to find a cup sitting on top of the toilet roll. This intrigued me. Why would there be a cup in the toilet? On close examination, I could tell that at one time there was a liquid of some sort in this cup. The nature of the liquid though, that is in question. Honestly, I didn't want to get that personal with the cup to find out! But, back to the issue at hand, why would there be a cup in the toilet? Did someone bring it in to finish their drink while peeing? Did someone think they were going to do so much business in there that they would need to be re-hydrated? Was this person going to use it to retrieve something they "dropped" in the toilet? Why would you ever take a cup with you into the toilet?!? AND, if you are going to take it in there with you, why not take it with you when you leave?

Now, there is another intriguing side to this story...last week, we found a banana in the employee toilet (once again, I mean bathroom). Why would someone take a banana with them into the toilet? And not only that, why would they leave it in there? At the time, I tried to question all my coworkers. None of them would admit to taking the banana with them into the toilet or speculate on why it was there. BUT, after talking about the banana with all my coworkers, one of them decided he (and "he" will remain nameless) wanted the banana. So, he retrieved it and ate it. I told him I felt it might not be sanitary to ingest the banana, but he felt since it had such thick skin, that germs would not have manifested in the banana itself and would thus be safe for him to enjoy.

My question is, why would someone ever take any sort of item they are planning on ingesting into the toilet with them? This is not a sanitary place people! Especially the employee toilet! We are lazy workers and never clean it! I even squat rather than sit on the nasty thing! And, bring food into it, I would not!


  1. WOW that is some deep stuff... I glad you are trying to figure out the mystery behind a cup and banana in the bathroom.

  2. I'm glad that you squat when you use the bathroom. I guess all those trips to Cambodia and using the squatty potty have paid off!

  3. Hi Jessica--
    Maybe the cup was in there because someone was going to take a specimen for a pregnancy or a blood sugar test -- at least that's what I thought of as I read it!

    Also, I hope when you squat that you wipe any "sprinkles" off of the seat before you leave the toilet, ha ha!


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