American Pancakes

Did you know there was such a thing as "American Pancakes"? Me either! One day, Ian and I were feeling in the mood for pancakes. So, we headed over to our local grocery store to pick up some Bisquick (the lazy person's way of making pancakes from scratch). The store didn't have Bisquick, but we bought what we thought was the equivalent. It definitely was not! The pancakes turned out flat and tasted kind of funny. Fast forward a couple weeks...Ian and I are out to dinner with some friends the other night (that's right, I said FRIENDS!), and American breakfast comes up. They start talking about the amazing breakfasts they had in New York City and come to find out, pancakes aren't something that is found over here. I know, who would have thought?!? Had I known this originally, I may have never moved over here! Now, fast forward another day, Ian and I decide to head over to a "huge" grocery store (though still smaller than the ones in the states). While wondering the isles, I came across American Pancakes! And, pre-made at that! I just had to purchase them. I did. And, I ate them. They were good...though not as good as homemade Bisquick pancakes or as good as Griddle Cafe pancakes.

I say all of this to let you know, the next time you are considering moving to another country, consider "do they have American style pancakes there?!?" If not, is that really a place you want to live? AND, on a side note, don't you love the self portrait with the pancakes?

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  1. So I am glad to hear that you were able to eat some american pancakes. Help me remember and I will pack a box of bisquick when i come this summer so that you can have some good ol'american pancakes. :)


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