In Search of the Perfect Gingerbread Man

Sometimes life gets in the way. It gets in the way of sleeping in, having fun, talking to people we love, reading a good book, going for a walk...all the things that don't get done when we don't have time. This weekend, I had the privilege of being "normal" and getting both Saturday and Sunday off. It was nice to not feel that I had to accomplish all my must dos (grocery shopping, laundry, work stuff, etc.) in one day, but instead could enjoy myself.

Ian and I went exploring a new section of the city. We walked around the shopping district, shared a gingerbread man from a local bakery, walked around a park that reminded me of Echo Park. This park really didn't have much in common with Echo Park except that it had a small lake full of ducks and a sidewalk covered in bird (or actually duck) poop. That was enough to put a smile on my face and make me think of all the times I have walked through Echo Park with various friends. Later on in the day, we had the privilege of talking to a drunk guy. This was funny. We couldn't actually understand him. He kept talking, so I kept laughing in response, which in turn kept him talking. I remember something about a police station (he originally started talking to us because he needed directions to a police station), reading books by Ian Rankin (a mystery author) and living in San Francisco (which Ian doubts he ever actually did). I am sure somehow those topics went together in his mind! This conversation was enough to make me move off the steps I was sitting on and to question sitting on steps for a while!

Sometimes we are so busy with life, we let life pass us by. All of us need to take time out to explore areas of our cities, walk around and converse with drunk people! If for no other reason, it will give you a good story to tell your coworkers on Monday morning! As a way to slow my life down, to enjoy things a bit more, I am now in search of the perfect gingerbread man. Each time I see one in a bakery window, I will stop and enjoy it. Life can't be all about work, errands, chores and the such. It must include sleeping in, having fun, talking to people we love, reading a good book, going for a walk and enjoying a gingerbread man from time to time.

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  1. So did your gingerbread man taste good? Because i would assume he did not taste the best since you are on a mission to find the best gingerbread man in the city! have fun working again!


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