6 Months

A lot of life happens in 6 months. As I have discovered, people live, people die. People get sick, people get healthy. People have "family issues". People have birthdays. People celebrate Christmas. People have babies.

The hardest part of living in another country isn't the cultural differences...though those are the fun things to talk about. No, the hardest part is missing out on the lives of the people you love. In the past six months, a lot has gone on with the people I love. Talking on the phone, emailing them thru it all just isn't the same. There are times you want to give people hugs because you are excited, there are times you want to give people hugs because you want them to know you care and will walk thru any situation with them. There are times you just want to have a nice coffee session with a friend to let it all out. These are the things I have missed out on in the last 6 months.

Yet, in the last six months, I have adapted to a new culture much quicker than I expected. I always considered myself resilient and feel I have proved it. The one thing I didn't think that would happen is that a culture would change me. And it has. My eating habits have changed. My speech (just in words, not in accent) has changed. My style has changed. My way of life has changed. I know that deep down I am still the same person, but it is funny how quickly I can adapt and change to a situation. Anyone up for some good fish and chips? And not the crappy kind they serve in the states!

Here are some pictures from the last month of my life:

Enjoying a view of the city.

Bowling with my Starbucks team.

Spending time with my man.


  1. You have done well adjusting to all the "new" and living through the things that have happened. I know you are a stronger person because of it. Remember El Rosal is always waiting.

  2. Hey just to let you know I ate el rosal last night! YEah 6 months even though you are in NY right now! Have fun.

  3. You are right that a lot has happened in the six months since you moved. I have traveled to 22 states, visited several military bases, been taken into at least one restaurant a week,slept in about every hotel chain there is and sat on the floor through more church services than I can count. And the biggest thing that has happened is that I can now roll over!!!


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