Out & About in Edinburgh

With a day off work and no agenda, I decided to take a camera and go explore my city a little. Once you get over the freezing weather, wind and rain, it really is a nice city! There is beautiful architecture, greenery all over the place and cool cobblestone streets. And there is history in this town like nowhere I have ever lived; though George Lucas being from Modesto does rival this (kidding). When I think that just over a hundred years ago, Edinburgh was still being attached by its enemies. It is so crazy to think of. Of course, now the moat around the castle is a beautiful park...in fact they are putting new grass in it to beautify it even more. AND, they plant new flowers in it all the time! I must admit, I have visions of me laying in the park on a warm summer day, reading a good book. I don't know if it will be that warm, but if the sun is at just the right angle, I am sure I can manage! But, back to your history lesson. It was just in the '90's that the people of Scotland staged a protest in my little town to set up their own parliament. After something like 180 days, they finally won and now have their own parliament. It was in the early 1900's that Leith (the area of town that I live in) became an official part of Edinburgh. From what I understand, Leithers weren't happy about this. But that is life. Things happen. I love history. And I must admit, it is fun to live in a place with such a rich history.


  1. Thanks for the history lesson. I can't wait to be able to see Edinburgh and visit you guys. :)

  2. You're living the dream. Kate and I admire your spirit of adventure while slightly envying your freedom!!! Kate especially-Noah is seriously her ball and chain right. Good thing he's so cute. ;)

    We want to visit you. Thanks for the all the updates. You are definately seizing the day.


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