A Little Something About Me

Most of you that know me well will already know this. I am known for saying inappropriate things. You know, gross things that the average person would not repeat. There are some things that one just cannot keep to themselves! I did this at work the other day and was told to stop (more in a funny way, not a bad "stop" way). I found that quite funny. But, now I have all these things in my head that I want to share with people and don't have the opportunity to share. So here it goes!

1. The other day I was at work and noticed that one of my coworkers had so much ear wax that it was completely blocking the opening to his ear. I don't even know how he was able to hear with that much ear wax. Does he not use q-tips?!?
2. I served a lady at work today that had a runny nose. Not only did she have a runny nose, but because she wasn't blowing it, every time she breathed out, she blew a snot bubble! I could barely contain myself while helping her. The worst part was that she was with a friend and her friend didn't even tell her. Bad friend!
3. I went into the bathroom at work today only to be bombarded by a smell...I think you know the smell I am referring to! Although I have a problem (it's wrong to spread the smell on to others in a shared restroom) with doing my business outside of my home, I realize everyone does not have this problem. But, I would like to say, if a coworker is going to blow up the bathroom, leave the fan on!!!

Well people, I know you are now enlightened in a way you never wish you are! But, the next time you see something gross and don't know who to share it with, feel free to tell me!!!


  1. OK, you wanna hear gross? I lick my own butt!!!

    Jeremy made me say that!

  2. Riley you are really talented!!!!

  3. And THIS is why I love you! LOL


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