New York City

I went to New York City for work, but got so much more out of the trip. My parents flew in my brother, Jeremy, for the weekend and we hung out with my cousin Stephen, who lives in the city. It was seriously a weekend filled with good times. Stephen has a passion for shopping that rivals mine and that made me all too happy! Just to feel normal again, hanging out with people, browsing stores, going out to eat. It was so great! For this being Jeremy's first trip to NYC, he didn't get too experience many tourist things, but he did get to go on the ferris wheel in Toysrus in Times Square and see a guy with the craziest mullet ever! I think that may have been the highlight of his trip. That and making rats run at me from the trash on the street. After Jeremy left, I worked and managed to squeeze in a couple more hours with my favorite cousin. We hit up this amazing organic restaurant, Josie's and he took me to see Carrie Bradshaw's house. Not only was the house beautiful, but the street and the whole surrounding area was perfect too...that may have been because there was a Juicy store only a block away! Gotta love Juicy! For those of you that are wondering, it is a brand...possibly my favorite brand. Work even went well. We got a lot accomplished and I got to hang out and experience New York with some pretty cool people. Well folks, that in a nut shell was my trip to NYC.

If you want to see all the pictures from my trip, check out mine and Ian's picture website.

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