Month 7

This past month has offered me a lot of adventures. Here are some worth sharing:

As some of you know, I interviewed at the beginning of the month and was promoted to shift supervisor at the 'bucks. It means more power (ha, ha...not really actually), more money and more responsibility. I am in the middle of my training. I found out yesterday that I am progressing "quicker than normal", so I am going to be signed off from my training early. I do my sign off next week. I am excited about that.

Yesterday was an interesting day. First, I got up at 4:30am and didn't go to bed until 1:30am. What's the deal with that? I stayed up 21 hours! There are days that all I can think about is sleep. Then, there are days, like yesterday, where I am hyper as all get out and just want to keep living life. But, back to yesterday morning. I tried out a new early morning bus route to work. The funny part was, I was the only person on the bus the whole time. It was like being chauffeured! The situation actually made me want to laugh. Just little 'ole me and a bus driver on a huge double decker bus. The only thing was, the heater wasn't on and it was freezing. I could see my breath, inside the bus. Turn the heater on man!

There is this park that they city has been renovating the whole time I have been living here. It looks beautiful. It is hard to describe, but they added some very modern features to it, yet an old monument stands in the middle. Love it. They finally opened it a few days ago. After being open one day, I went past it and noticed rubbish all over it. People in this city are so trashy. They will litter everywhere...even all over a new park!

I have to admit, I am looking forward to coming months, when people actually come visit me. When I go do cool things, I think "so and so would probably like to do this when they come visit". It will be good for people to come...

P.S. The sun is staying out a lot longer than it had been. And, we are actually seeing it more. But, it is supposed to snow this it looks like winter isn't over yet!


  1. Guess what I am one of those people that are coming to visit you. :) And you need to figure out all the cool things that I need to see while im there. And im very sorry you had to get up at 430

  2. Hey Girl,
    Those 21 hour days . . . eh . . .they might just be because of COFFEE! You gotta cut back on the caffeine!

    Hey, I'm so glad I found your blogspot again. I really need a good daily laugh, so keep writing!

    I love you dearie! :)
    Miss Gayle


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