The Birthday

It's my birthday and I'll smile if I want to, smile if I want to...

I had a great birthday, in case you were wondering! I worked in the morning...with another American who was also celebrating her birthday. How weird is that?!? Now everyone thinks it is like the official birthday of Americans! Oh well. So, work went well and went by fast. Then I went home and baked myself a cake...don't feel sorry for me...I got to eat the batter AND have home made birthday cake after dinner! Then Ian and I got all goozied up and went out to dinner. We went to this restaurant in town that has a view of the castle. It is a modern restaurant. And, it had really good food. I would definitely go back. Anyway, after dinner, we took a taxi home...this is always a treat for me. I know, I am a dork! Then we ate my wonderful cake (with vanilla icing, in case you were wondering) and went to bed...I had to get up early for work this morning! All in all, it was a good day.


  1. I hope you got some great gifts. Sorry ours was not there on time. You know how the mail is. Hopefuly it will arrive within a year or so. Glad you had a wonderful day. I celebrated for you at El Rosal. Thought of you every bite.

  2. I'm glad to see that you had a good birthday!


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