The Scottish Adventure

Today Ian and I went on a Scottish adventure. We spent 12 hours roaming the countryside (350 miles to be exact) in a mini-bus with 12 of our closest strangers and a driver/tour guide. And, I must admit, it was worth it. We got to really see what Scotland is like outside the city. Honestly, it reminded me a lot of northern California. Well...except for the highland cows! Those things are great and I was so excited to finally see one in person! It was a hairy beast. So hairy that you couldn't even see its eyes! Ian fed it a piece of apple and ended up with slime all over his hand. Total nastiness, but totally worth it! I wanted to feed it, but didn't want to get my hand bitten off.

The main attraction (well, supposed to be the main attraction) of the day was Lochness...where the Lochness Monster (Nessie) lives. I must admit, this was actually the low point of the trip. There isn't much happening around the lake. There was this cool boat-canal lowering system, but we didn't actually get to see it in action. But I did have a good popsicle, so that made the stop worth it!

It is just amazing how old things are in this country. And, there are beautiful castles everywhere. Most of them are privately owned too. Could you imagine living in a castle? That would be so weird! During the trip, we actually drove past where the real battles from Braveheart took place (back in the 1100's) and where the movie was filmed as well. So many interesting things have happened in Scotland...more than people give the biggest little country credit for!

Here are some pictures from our journey. If, by chance, you care to see more pictures from our adventure, feel free to check them out on our picture website.

Hamish, the highland cow

Us with Hamish, the highland cow

A red deer...I don't know why they call it "red" when it really is just a normal brown deer!

Lochness - It really is beautiful, but boring too!

Us at Nochness


  1. I would like you to bring me a highland cow next time you come back because they look really cool.... It looks like you guys had a lot of fun!

  2. a good popsicyle is worth pretty much anything!

    i love that cow. when we were travelling rj had to touch all the animals he saw; he nearly lost a finger to a hungry pony in belgium. i don't blame you for keeping your hands in your pockets!

  3. Gorgeous land!!! I love looking at all the pictures. Europe looks good on you as well.


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