One of THOSE Days...

You know, the days that everything seems to go wrong! First a note about myself...I am a rather responsible person. I am always early to work, just to be safe. Well, this morning I managed to turn off two, yes TWO, alarms and sleep in. The only thing that saved me was that I called a taxi last night to pick me up. So, at 5:40am, my door rang. I sprang out of bed quickly, threw the toothbrush in my mouth, threw my clothes on and ran out the door. I ran out the door without even brushing my hair...not one of my finest hours!

Then at work...we are training this new girl who doesn't speak English very well (and it is nice to even say this). She doesn't seem to understand anything of what I say to her, but always says "yes" to me no matter what. So, we are at work, weighing the coffee when she makes a mistake and I correct her. Nothing big, but I wanted to make sure she got everything right. All the sudden she says, I am so f***ing stupid! Now, I am standing there stunned. All she did was over weigh the coffee; not a big deal. She can barely speak English, but can obviously say f*** easily. AND, she just said it in the middle of the store; not allowed people! Needless to say, it was an interesting morning.

This afternoon I had my shift supervisor sign off with my district remember back to the fact that I ran out of the house this morning without even brushing my hair! I was feeling a little self conscious about my appearance, but regardless of the appearance, I passed with flying colors...go me!

Well, here's to hoping I get up tomorrow morning because there ain't a taxi coming for me...I gotta catch the bus at 5:25am along with the rest of them...or lack of "them". No one is out that early!

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  1. im sorry about your horrible day that doesn't sound like much fun...i totally know what you mean. But no fear you will get up tomorrow morning because you will get a call from me (or a text)!


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