Red Bull Cola

Being the great husband that I have, Ian arrived home from being out of town with a present in hand for me...a Red Bull Cola!!! How weird is that? Not as a gift, but as a product...anyone that knows me, knows that I am seriously addicted to Red Bull! But a cola? Craziness?!? The best part is, the can advertises it to be "strong & natural". Natural? Looking at the ingredients, I notice that all of the ingredients are in fact natural - water, sugar, vanilla, mustard seeds (what?), lime, cocoa and more...I am impressed.

At first swig, this cola tasted of black licorice with a cherry taste. Who knows? Ian tried it and isn't sure if he likes it. He refused to describe to me what he thought it tasted like. All I know is it tastes nothing like cola (of the coke or pepsi kind). But for being all natural, I must give it props. Go Red Bull!


  1. Well it looks like you have the best husband ever since he brought you Red Bull Cola.... :)

  2. Way to go Dad! I always knew you were the best!!! By the way I'm looking forward to spending some time with you next month and I like special treats too!!!


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