I have to admit, up to this point, I really haven't been homesick. And, even now, it isn't like I am crying myself to sleep...sorry folks, if you thought I missed you that much! But, I did seem to wake up on the "homesick" side of the bed this morning. For some reason, all day I have just been thinking about everything I was missing. So, on my break at work, I decided to make a list of some of the things I miss.

* Talking to my best friend on her way home from work every day
* Lunch time with my peeps
* Coffee with little vanilla creamers
* Getting wonderful candy (Lindor Truffles) during the daily mail run...thanks JP!
* Driving up the 2, the sun in my face, talking on the phone to my mom
* Santa Monica
* Pizza from BJ's...dipping the crust in ranch dressing
* Beach days
* Driving home for the weekend
* Seeing people I know at church
* Walking at night with Ian & Riley
* Poker nights
* Bagels from Noah's on Saturday mornings
* In 'n Out after church...and after work at Pottery Barn
* Tank tops
* The Pottery Barn discount!

Oddly enough, just writing some of the things I missed down made me feel better. I think what is hard is that I realize when I go back, my life won't be the same. It isn't like I will ever have the same job, working with the same people and have the same friends to hang out with. My friends will always be my friends. But, since I have moved a few of them have moved out of California. Life changes. But, it doesn't mean I can't look back on how great it was!


  1. Hey no worries I think we all have days like that. But just think one day you will be talking about all the things that you miss from Scotland. :) Have a good day tomorrow. :)

  2. I feel your pain Jess, only thing is I am openly homesick on the daily. I think it is so cool that you & Ian are living abroad and getting to explore another part of the world. I would have rather gotten to do that then live in Ohio to be honest, but who wouldn't? I miss a ton of things about living back at home too, but the great thing is when I get to visit I also get to do some of those things & it makes them ten times more special as lame as that sounds.


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