5 Months

People, I can hardly believe I have been living in Scotland for 5 months! It is almost as if this is actually my life...ha, ha! Today was actually a great way to ring in month 6. It is snowing outside. Even though it is a mess out there, it still is fun. And, while I was at work today, our very own J.K. Rowling came in for over an hour! In case you wanted to know, she got a tall chai tea latte and a pumpkin spice muffin. She wrote in her journal for a while, then read the paper. Aren't I just the good stalker?!? Kidding! But, I though some of you would be curious as to what she was up to...

Month 5 has been a good month. I went back to the states and got a taste of my old life, which I have to admit made me really miss my old life! Moving on...This month has definitely been a month of snow. It has snowed here a few times now this month. It never sticks around for long and makes a huge mess, but I am still over the moon when it snows. Seriously, I freak out and stand at the window staring and taking a million pictures! Do you think I act this way due to growing up in a warm climate? Ian and I are actually starting to make friends that we hang out with and everything! This is quite nice. I have been missing my social life, so it is nice to get out of the house (or hang out in the house) with people from time to time.

Here are some intriguing happenings from the month:

* Every person with a provisional drivers license has to put these huge "L" magnets on there car at the front and the back. I saw a police officer with these on his car the other day. If it isn't a joke, that is kind of crazy!
* Someone told me the other day that I said something that sounded Scottish...I guess if you run your words together and don't enunciate, it sounds Scottish! Okay, so maybe that was mean, but I still think it is true!
* Some random lady came up and asked me how long I was planning on living here (a common question), then proceeded to ask me if I was planning on having any kids while I was here. Now, this is an odd question for a stranger to ask anyway, but really, is it anyone's business?
* The road workers work here even when it is snowing outside. This was a shock to me, as I come from California where the road workers are known for being some of the laziest around!

Here are some random pictures from the month:

Fireworks to ring in the new year - they went off on 5 different hills in Edinburgh.

You know you wanted to see how great I look in that green apron!

I took this during one of the snowstorms. That is actually part of the castle in the background.

I thought this sign was funny. What exactly does it mean to go "dead slow"?

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  1. WOW 5 months that is crazy that you guys have been living there for that long. Man a lot has happened in the past 5 months. And I like the pictures. Oh and by the way I think you are right about the mushing of the words together will make you sound Scottish. :)


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