What a Week

Have you ever had one of those weeks when you are left feeling, "what did I do to deserve this?" I am sure you have. Well, this was my week. After being gone for a week, I was welcomed home by Ian who then had to leave town for his job for a week. So, it was just me, my dirty laundry, work and my computer for the week. Me, I can pretty much handle. My dirty laundry, I managed to handle as well...though I did struggle with the drying of it; oh how I miss modern luxuries like large washers and driers! My work, well lets just say this is something I can't always handle. None of my coworkers wanted to work this week. Many of them called in sick for reasons like a toothache, backache and stomachache. While these three nameless people were resting at home with their aches, me and my other fellow coworkers were at work struggling. When you work at an office and someone is "sick", it sucks, you complain, then you get over it. When you work at Starbucks and someone is "sick" (and on two days, two someones were sick), the dishes don't get done, the cafe is a mess and the line goes out the door. All you can do is look around and laugh! I was able to do this for about the first day, then I just got pissed off. Why are people not as committed to work as the rest of us? I hope they realize how much they are causing the rest of us to suffer while they ache away at home!

So...I was on the bus on my way home after a day that I was unable to laugh about, stewing in my coworker-pissedoffness when I saw something...
There was a guy walking and whenever he took a step with his left leg, his arms seized up like chicken wings. I watched him walk for a few steps and realized my week wasn't that bad. This guy is probably glad that he can even walk. I need to remember how blessed I truly am and not sweat the small stuff...like coworkers with aches!

Anyway, Ian returned home and we had a nice night out. Here are some pictures from our nice night:


  1. I am sorry about the bad week. Fly back and we can go to El Rosal and make you feel better.

  2. Hi, you don't know me, but i found your blog through Anna Hoskings- who i know, but not real well (we went to church together when she lived in SLO) anyway, i don't normally go to other blogs like this- but for once i had some peace and quiet- my husband has our 2.5 yr old and 1 yr old in the bath- so anyway- long story short- i don't know much about you except that you live in edinburgh- and i love it there. my husband and i lived there for a year after we got married (2003). and i worked at starbucks! i am so curious as to where you live and what starby's your at? if you feel so inclined- email me at freedomfight22@yahoo.com...
    oh and my name is Holly Rodgers

  3. Well I am glad to hear and see your picture to know that you are still Jessica!!!!! :)


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