Here's to 2008

I remember when I was younger, all those years ago...ha, ha, it was such a huge deal for a new year to come. It was filled with such enthusiasm and excitement. I remember making resolutions and never sticking to them! Fast forward all those years to 2008. I no longer make resolutions (why would I want to change my perfect self anyway?). Instead, a new year holds dreams and hopes for the future. Here is a little of what I am hoping and dreaming of for 2008.

Ian and I are celebrating our 5 year anniversary in June. I thank God for the great marriage that we have. I want that to continue and for us to continue to constantly making each other laugh. Maybe we can even buy a little place of our own over here in Scotland. And maybe, if I am a really good girl, we could even get a car!

I would love to make some good friends over here in Scotland. Good friends are hard to find. I value those of you that I have back in the states (hopefully you know who you are) and always want to hold on to you.

I think 2008 is the year for another tattoo. I have been thinking about it for a year now. I think it's time! Jeremy is always around for these momentous occasions in my life, so he better come visit me and come with me for this tattoo!

I would love to spend time really getting to know the city I live in. Really immerse myself in the history of it. And actually see more than the areas I daily travel on the bus.

Well folks, even though I didn't share with you my innermost dreams and ambitions, you now have an idea of what my 2008 should look like. You ready to live it with me?

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