Up, Up & Away

There is a joy in flying that I have never been able to get over. There is nothing like the feeling of sitting on an airplane at the beginning of a runway. As soon as the plane starts to move, excitement fills my body. First you hear the noise of the engine, then the plane starts to move faster and faster...when we are speeding along the runway, a smile crosses my face. Will we take off? What are the pilots thinking right now? Exactly how long is this runway? Then, in an instant, we are off.

My flight out of Los Angeles started like any other. But, as we sped down the runway, I began thinking about all I am leaving behind and sadness went through me. I am leaving behind a job that I loved (though haven't truly had for 5 months), great coworkers, great friends, great family. I am flying away from my grandpa's funeral, but at the same time wondering if I should have just stayed for it.

There are hard decisions that have to be made when you live 7500 miles away from home. One of those decisions was when Ian's mom had a stroke and we just felt so far away at that moment. I am feeling that way again about not being at my Grandpa's funeral. With the technology of today (unlimited international calling, emails, good 'ole snail mail, video chat) it makes me feel close to home even when I am not. But, there are critical times when I just want to be home and can't. I know there will be more visits, more calls, more emails, but I hope that the people who are truly important in my life know how much I love them, think about them, wish I was with them and would be on a plane to them in a heartbeat if they asked.

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