Arthur's Seat

Taking advantage of the beautiful day (by beautiful, I mean sunny, windy and 50 degrees out!), Ian and I decided to hike Arthur's Seat. It isn't exactly a grueling hike, but it provided us with spectacular views of the city we call home. Oddly enough, when I was up there, I thought for just a split second that I was in San Luis Obispo. Apparently my brain was playing tricks on me! Of course, after the hike, we rewarded ourselves with ice cream cones from an ice cream truck in the parking lot! I still can't decide which is better, the ice cream or the view from Arthur's Seat! Here are some of the pictures from our hike:

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  1. I love your pictures! But the difference between SLO and Edinburgh is that last time I hike to the top of Bishops I don't think I saw a castle or some really cool old buildings. Edinburgh is such a pretty city. :)


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