A Visit with the Parents

I just finished up six days with my parents visiting Ian and I in Edinburgh. They got to see where I live and how I live. They also got to experience the "wonderful" weather in Edinburgh. It was rainy and cold most of the time while they were here, though they did get one nice day. While my parents were here, Ian and I took advantage of getting to better know the city we live in...we figure if we do this every time people come to visit, we will eventually see all the sites/tourist attractions in the city. This time we hit up the castle (for a second time this year), walked the Royal Mile, took a reformation tour, went to the Edinburgh Zoo and got in some shopping. The zoo was quite the experience for my mom and I. It was perhaps the wettest day in Edinburgh yet. It was pouring down rain the whole time and about 50 degrees out. But, we braved the weather and enjoyed ourselves. The zoo does an "optional" penguin parade (meaning the penguins aren't forced out of their enclosure to participate). At our parade, there were only two participants. It was totally cute. They walk right in front of you...in fact, they have us block the walkway so the penguins can't escape. I would go back to the zoo again just to see the penguin parade again. The parents should be touching down in San Francisco about now. Hopefully they enjoyed their trip and Riley enjoys her present from Edinburgh! Oh, and click here if you want to see more pictures from my parents trip.


  1. I'm glad you guys had a good time. :) That is a bummer it rained the entire time. And the penguin parade sounds like a lot of fun!

  2. Thanks Jessica, I really like my new toy that you picked out for me. I named him "Ed" because he came from Edinburgh. I know you will find this hard to believe but I can carry him up the stairs (well maybe it does take me a little while and a couple of falls) but I still can't make it on the bed with him but I'm still trying. Love You!!!


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