The DVD Player that Was

This evening, Ian and I experienced an explosion in our house...don't worry, I lived to blog about it! We hooked up one of our American DVD players in our room, so we could watch movies. About 15 minutes into the excursion, the larger electricity flow proved too much for our dear old friend and it exploded. Unfortunately, I was not there to see this happen, but I did see the aftermath. It was smelly and smoking all over the place. Quickly, we unplugged it. Then, I realize my very important Friends DVD was inside the player! We tried to pry open the player to no avail. So, I went in the old fashioned screw at a time. At this point, the DVD player was still smoking and pretty stinky, so I had to cover my nose. Finally, I rescued my DVD from a most certain death by asphyxiation. As for the DVD player, it didn't make it through the explosion. But, I still have some fond memories of my dear friend! Sniff, sniff...


  1. Look at you, Miss Mechanical! You know I did get an electric drill for my birthday so I could have hellped you make the job easier. I am so glad you saved Friends! That would have been traumatic.

  2. That is really funny! I'm glad that you were able to save the Friends DVD :)

  3. Whew...not the Friends DVD. Good save!

    I love the new main pic on your blog! Aren't you just the cutest thing...LOL


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