The Complaints Girl

As I have been working my way through my to do list this weekend, I noticed much of my to do list (ok, really only two things) compiled of filing complaints with companies. I was afraid that if I googled my name, I would come up as the "complaints girl". Thankfully this didn't happen.

One of my complaints really has just been a follow up with a company. If you will remember back to December, when we were moving our stuff out of storage, we discovered our rug was ruined and our couch was stained (you can read about it here for a refresher). In January I sent a letter to the company, as instructed by the storage facility, and accompanied it with some photos. Well, after six weeks of no response, I decided enough was enough. I googled the company (isn't google a wonderful invention?) and discovered the company listed the email addresses of all six of their owners/investors online (not a smart move, in my opinion). So, of course, I sent them a nice, yet demanding email...I demanded a response within a reasonable two weeks. I got a response better than that. After 10 minutes, I got a response saying they would look into the issue and respond to me within the next 24 hours. Then, the next day, I got a response from the vice-president. I thought this was good. In the response, they admitted to the leak (which was a shocker to me), but of course also said they aren't responsible for the damage. When the vice-president comes in tomorrow, he will have my rebuttle on his desk. My fingers are crossed as to how he proceeds.

My next complaint deals with train tickets here in the UK. There is a stupid policy that only the credit card holder can pick up a train ticket. Of course this is written in small print and of course Ian and I didn't know it when Ian purchased a ticket for me to come visit him in Aberdeen last month. So, we ended up having to pay for two tickets. Now, I am trying to get one of the tickets refunded, or at least get a credit for it.

So there you have it, all my complaints on the table. The hard thing about the UK is that there is absolutely NO customer service, so they don't care how unsatisfied you are, they generally won't do anything, so my train complaint will probably get nowhere. Thankfully the US is different, so I am hoping for a positive outcome with the storage company.


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