Um...I Just Thought I Would Tell You...

...a guy vomited on the bus.

Yes, these words came out of my mouth last night. On my way home from work last night, I got on the bus and went upstairs (where I prefer to sit). When I got up there, I was greeted with a was mostly alcohol, but it stunk. I also noticed liquid moving down the side of the bus. At first I thought someone must have dumped a bottle of alcohol, but quickly realized there seemed to be more than liquid flowing along. Still, I took a seat...on the other side of the bus. And it stunk! So, I looked behind me. One seat behind me and on the other side of the isle was a business man probably in his late 20's or early 30's who had vomited all over. And the worst part was, he was still sitting in the middle of it! And he was looking out the window like he could care less. Well, deciding I couldn't take it any longer, I ran back downstairs...and at this point, the vomit was rolling all over the bus as we were going around was nasty! I did make sure to not step in it on my way downstairs. Downstiars, I decided I needed to tell the bus driver. I walked up to him and uttered those wonderful words, "Um...I just thought I would tell you...a guy vomited upstairs on the bus." He thanked me, got out of his little drivers box, went upstairs and kicked everyone left upstairs (yes, there were still people up there putting up with the stench) to the bottom level and shut of the upstairs. The best part was, the drunk guy just walked off the bus as if he didn't have a care in the world!

Oh and all this happened at 9:30pm on a Monday. That guy must have been having a pretty bad day to already be drunk and vomiting by 9:30pm on a Monday. I think this bus incident was the least of his worries...

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