We're American...Of Course We Celebrate St. Patrick's Day!

When I switched my calendar to March, I immediately noticed St. Patrick's Day on there and got excited. Then, I was intrigued, as it said it was only a holiday in the Republic of Ireland and the USA. Why not Britain? I asked an Irish friend what she was doing for St. Patrick's Day and was horrified by her response. She told me nothing and that it was just a normal day. WHAT?!? In America, St. Patrick's Day is definitely NOT a normal day. There is the whole wearing green thing, the green beer, the parties and the corned beef and cabbage. Well, it turns out that we may be the only country in the world that properly celebrates St. Patrick's Day. I decided yesterday that I wanted to go out for a proper St. Patrick's Day celebration, only to find one option close to my house...and they weren't even serving corned beef and cabbage! Instead Ian and I split a steak & Guinness pie and Irish stew. It was good, just not what I am used to for St. Patrick's Day. This got me thinking...

As American's, we tend to celebrate any and every holiday, as long as it seems fun. Once upon a time, we were seen as a melting pot and I think because of that, we picked up any and every holiday along the way. There are also about a million US only holidays as well. Maybe America is a country that just likes to celebrate!

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