21 Weeks

So I am officially more than halfway through my pregnancy! I kind of can't believe there is a 7", 11 ounce thing growing inside of me! I do have a belly, but it certainly doesn't look big enough to be to be housing 7". Speaking of growing, some days I swear I can actually feel my skin stretching. I have been lathering up my stomach twice a day, praying that tons of stretch marks don't appear! My pants still fit, as long as they aren't buttoned. Since the bump seems to be biggest around my belly button, this affects my shirts the most. I still am wearing regular ones, just looser, longer ones. Here is a pic of me and the little person for your enjoyment:

I am starting to get into the baby mindset too. Thinking of all the stuff I will need for baby...stuff that is all too expensive! I also don't want unnecessary stuff, given that we do live in a small place. But, I am excited. Like any new parent, I only want the best for my little one and am researching to see what exactly is the best. We all know how much that truly matters, ha, ha! So far, I have bought baby a little bear outfit to keep it warm during the Scottish winter.

Given that everything is so dang expensive, I am easing myself in slowly...one bear outfit at a time!


  1. Nice bump and clock! :) And I love the bear outfit it is adorable. :) Baby G is coming at a very wintry time!

  2. Yeah for Baby G! Love the pics. Please keep them coming. We cannot wait to meet Baby G. Post a pic when you wear one of the cute outfits we got at Pea in the Pod.

  3. Aaaah, thank you for the update and the new pic! You look GREAT!!

    I'm excited to follow along with you on this journey to motherhood!

    Miss You!


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