Home Sweet Home

I was greeted back in Scotland with weather in the 50's and tons of rain. People are swearing to me that there were a couple nice days of weather here while I was gone, but I am not sure if I believe it! Though it's nice to be back home and back in the swing of things, I can't help but miss some of the great conveniences of America...you know, cars, wide open roads, big box retailers, friends, family, fast food...things like that! It's funny to me how easily I can adapt back to America each time I go visit and when I get back to Scotland, it is like I have to "re-miss" all those things again. Oh well. At least I have Starbucks...ha, ha!


  1. Thanks for coming to visit. Reghan and I had a great day of shopping with you and Baby G! Reghan misses her pickle eating companion and I miss my friend.

  2. Hey thanks for hanging out with me! :) Even though it was only 36 hours or so. Hopefully you will get some really nice weather in Scotland again soon!!!!! :-)

  3. If it makes you feel any better, it's in the 60's here, cloudy with rain tomorrow. I sure enjoyed you spending time with me and look forward to your coming home next year, even if I will have a "Little" competition for your attention.


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