Still trying to catch up on the blogs! Ian and I went to Disneyland on Thursday. When we lived in SoCal it was a popular destination of ours. We were able to get a reservation for Club 33 and enjoy a day at the park. Even though I was unable to enjoy the likes of Space Mountain, I was able to enjoy rides like Buzz Lightyear AstroBlasters and Pirates of the Caribbean. And, being the rebel that I am, I even went on Autopia even though it said preggos aren’t meant to ride on it. But, our car wasn’t bumped, so no harm was done! During the day, I was able to enjoy a ginormous pickle that I swear was the best tasting pickle ever! And in case you are wondering, I have had a love of pickles my whole life, so it definitely isn’t a pregnancy side effect for me. While at California Adventure, I was able to visit the winery of my favorite family, the Walker Family. I think Ian thought I was a bit of a dork for making him take a picture, but I am way into Brothers & Sisters, so was happy to see the little set up at Disneyland. We capped the day off with a nice dinner at Club 33, where I showed the waiters just how fast I can suck down a glass of root beer (I think they were secretly impressed).


  1. You know I'm so jealous that you were able to take a pic at the Walker Family Winery scenery! JEALOUS! That is so awesome!

  2. hey so next time... root beer race!

  3. I was at California Adventure a few months ago and didn't even notice that the winery was the Walker Family Winery. I would have totally taken a picture if I had!


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