All Over the Place

Does anyone else ever find when you have tons of thoughts flowing thru your head, it is hard to get just one full thought out there on the blog? No. Just me then. That's cool. I am used to being different.

Here goes nothing:

I get so tired of the same people always being late. It feels like they don't value my time at all. Ian and I actually cut some people out of our lives once for being time wasters. Harsh, I know. But it really was necessary for our own sanity.

Last night Connor vomited ALL OVER Ian. Like a serious vomit. Think two pints. It was everywhere and they were standing on the carpet. If I didn't think Ian would have killed me, I would have pulled out the camera.

This time last year, I looked like this.

And unbeknown to me, my water would be breaking in 5 hours...all over the bed. And because I am a genius, I went into a 24+ hour labor (measured from the time my water broke) on 1.5 hours sleep.

Connor has this new obsession with sticking his hands in our drink glasses. The other day, he wanted the lime out of my water, so I obliged.

The best part was, he actually went back for seconds.

That's all I got for now. If you are actually still reading, thanks for being loyal.


  1. Friends of mine have a 7 month old who LOVES lemons. She'll suck on them and make the goofiest face, but come back for more.

  2. I love the picture of little Connor in your belly and a year later Connor trying to eat a lime!

  3. My kids loved limes and lemons. They would make the most sour faces, and look they were having a seizure, but go immediately back for more.


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