Callum {8 months}

Weight: 18 pounds, 6 ounces
Length: 28 inches

Likes: his brother and sister, sitting up, Ian's sunglasses, cheerios
Dislikes: peas, teething, night time sleep

Oh, this kid. He still sure is smiley, but there now usually is a tongue stick out out of the smile. Or hands stuck in the middle of the smile. I actually thought for sure he was getting a tooth a couple weeks ago. There was a white swollen spot on his bottom gums, but it went away after two days. So, it's still a gummy little smile for Callum. 

Callum prefers to sit up over laying on the floor. Maybe this is the reason he has literally made no effort to crawl. He hasn't even gotten up on his hands and knees while on his stomach. But, he can inchworm his way around a room…between scooting and rolling, he can get around decently well, if he wants to. But, often he just stays in one place. And, to be honest, I am perfectly happy with that…I mean, we have stairs in our new house, so yeah. Callum will stand holding on to my fingers for a decent amount of time, but he has yet to pull himself up on his own. 

Foodwise, Callum really has tried a lot of new things over the past month. I've gone from giving him single things at a time (like apples, carrots, etc) to giving him mixed foods. I also started giving him chunks of food to eat. He does really well with cheerios, blueberries and bread. He does a good job with his grabbing skills. Though I did catch him one time put his mouth up to the tray on his high chair and push blueberries into his mouth! 

Sleepwise…what sleep?! Callum does sleep…if he is being nursed. Nights aren't so stellar. He does great with naps though. If we are home, he will take two naps, one in the morning and one in the afternoon, and they are generally at least two hours long. But nighttime isn't so great. He tends to wake every hour or so. Though sometimes he will go a couple hours. All he wants to do is nurse to go back to sleep. I have started working hard at keeping him in the room and going back into his crib at night to hopefully help him sleep longer periods of time. 

Callum is starting to grow out of some of his 6-12 month clothing. He is wearing some 18 month stuff now. Again, I think a lot of it is do to length, specifically I think he has a longer torso. He is still wearing a size 3 diaper and that size still fits well. 

I like that Callum's hair is getting longer and thicker. It is starting to stick out over his ears and for some reason I find that really cute. It's like, he really has no need for a haircut anywhere except around his ears. 

Callum does really well just being sat somewhere with some toys and playing. Like he will happily play that way for 30 minutes. He also still really likes his jumperoo. He can really get going in that thing…it tires me out just watching him! Callum also does really well being worn in the ergo. I use it practically every day, when I am grocery shopping and now walking Connor to and from school. He is quite content in it. And if we are out and about around nap time, I just have to put him in it and bounce him around and he will go to sleep within a couple minutes. It's kind of like magic, that thing. And I love having him close, cuddled on me, so it's a win-win. 

For comparison's sake, Connor at 8 months and Isla at 8 months. It would appear that all three kids were around the exact same size at 8 months. Kind of funny. 

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  1. This guy is seriously the cutest! One of my favs. I can't get enough of him.


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