Whole30 Recap

I really wanted to do a week by week recap of whole30, so I could remember my thoughts and feelings while going through it. Alas, life got in the way and it never happened. But whole30 did happen. In fact, I have been off it two weeks now and am still pretty much eating that way. 

About a week in, I hit my stride with whole30. I knew what I could and couldn't eat and it made things much easier for me. Sure, I had to plan ahead, but once I got in the swing of things, it really wasn't bad. Then we left on vacation. Whole30 food on the road was hard. Most of the places we travelled didn't have "easy" whole30 eats, like In-n-Out or Chipotle. Once, I asked for a lettuce wrapped chicken sandwich at a Mcdonalds and got a piece of chicken sitting on a couple pieces of shredded lettuce. It was awesome…not. And I had an internal meltdown when I ordered a fully compliant salad at another place, only to have it come with fried chicken on top. And the grocery stores in the small towns we were in weren't much better. I forget how much amazing produce is at our finger tips in California. Needless to say, I was happy to return home, to food I easily knew. 

I wasn't doing whole30 to deal with issues I had, per say. I was doing it to kick start a healthier me. But, I did notice that the semi frequent headaches I get went away. I always thought I got them from not drinking coffee soon enough in the day or something. But, I didn't get them while on whole30, so I am going to assume they are from some food additive and not from caffeine. Also, which I really love this, I never got that "I ate so much and now feel full and sick" feeling. 

What now?

Now that whole30 is done, I have relaxed a bit and had some noncompliant things. But honestly, I don't like how much of it makes me feel. I can instantly tell I feel blah and sluggish. I don't feel that way when eating real food. So, for the time being, I think I am going to avoid much of that food and make eating it an exception rather than the normal. And I like that if I get too out of whack again, I can just do whole30 again…I do a good job following rules, so I enjoyed having guidelines to follow and can see myself needing "reminding" of those guidelines again from time to time. 

Eventually, I may get my butt into gear enough to share some of the foods I found really helpful and ate a lot of while on whole30…and beyond. Because, especially when you are starting out, it's nice to have some help to steer you in the right direction. 

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