The Grand Canyon

^^ Connor wanted to sit on a rock so bad. We had to wait until we found a safe one before Ian took him to do it. Then he kept wanting to go out on the rocks! 

The Grand Canyon is so vast that it is almost hard to comprehend. It's not like you are looking and one canyon, one view. You are constantly seeing more and new things. Not to mention that the canyon stretches as far as the eye can see. It's one of those things that you just kind of stare at in awe.

With three kids in tow, we managed to walk about 3 miles of the rim. It really was a nice walk. Most of it is flat and it is paved. There is shade along the rim, as well as benches. It made for a good walk, especially since clouds came in after a bit, cooling things off. Plus, the further you walk from things like the visitors center, the less people there are and the more you can just enjoy yourself. When we were by the visitors center, there were all sorts of "smart" people that climbed over the fences and were hanging off the ledges to get pictures. One guy even dropped his water bottle…thankfully it was the water bottle and not him that went splat. It really makes you question how far people will really go for a picture. Especially since once you get away from the visitors center, there are plenty of safe rocks to sit on that have land under them, giving the illusion of a drop off when a huge drop off isn't really there.

After a bad experience the day before at Horseshoe Bend, I was glad for the slow, enjoyable pace of the Grand Canyon. The kids, especially Connor, really were troopers. I ended up wearing Callum and getting him to fall asleep. Then, Isla went in the stroller and Connor actually walked a fair distance before ending up on Ian's shoulders.

And we timed our trip just right. Literally as soon as we got back to our car, it started pouring. Of course, I am pretty sure I wouldn't have cared if it happened while we were out walking anyway, given how hot it was!

I really feel like our stop at the Grand Canyon was one of those things that I want to remember forever. It was a good day, void of meltdowns and minimal whining. We had an amazing view and really just enjoyed ourselves as a family.

Just to make sure you are all caught up on our trip, here's on our way thereSalt Lake City and Durango

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  1. I can't believe Connor wanted to go out on that rock. So scary, but then I guess it is good not to be afraid of heights of he is going to be a firefighter or astronaut


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