Kindergarten Goodness

Alternatively titled, Kindergartners and ALL their projects. 

Don't get me wrong, kindergarten is such a sweet time. But, when your kid brings home two projects the week of their birthday, which also happens to be the week the stomach flu took down two people in your house, it feels like a bit much. Alas, we survived. 

First up, Isla's letter vest. Every week a different letter is covered in class and one person gets to decorate a vest for that letter and there will be a letter vest parade at the end of the year. The kids all seem to covet the letter vest that starts with their name. So it was pretty cool that "i" was the letter the week of Isla's birthday and that she got that vest. Her and I went online and looked up various things that start with "i" and she picked the pictures she liked best. 

^^ This girl and her poses, I tell you! This is the back of the vest, but she didn't want to just turn around, so she turned the vest around. 

Next up was Isla bringing home the "birthday bag" from school. It included a birthday certificate, a special birthday book to read and a page to tell about what you did for your birthday. Then you bring it back to school and share it with the class. Isla drew a picture of herself blowing out the candles on her cake. I thought she did a really good job. I included a picture of her with her cake for reference ;)

^^ Isla could have written out what she did for her birthday herself, but she included a lot of detail and I knew there was no way she could write small enough to include it all, so I wrote it for her. But she wrote both her name and the date. 

It felt like the week of Isla's birthday was crazy, but I know she really enjoyed every single thing. I know it meant a lot for her to get the "i" vest, so I am glad she got it. Now I am looking forward to a break in school projects for a bit, haha!

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