Pumpkin Carving

Like so many other parents out there, we spent some time this past weekend carving pumpkins. And like some of those parents, I totally failed at taking a picture of both my kids pumpkins...oops! 

The kids designed their own pumpkin faces. Both of them went with rather simple designs. The hardest part was Isla's pumpkin was thicker than the carving knife, so we had to get a little creative. But neither kid had intricate or hard designs. Also, someone mentioned to me that good ole hairspray inside the pumpkin would help preserve it, so I decided to give it a go. So far, three days on, they are holding up...and obviously they are pretty much to the finish line at this point. 

I have to admit, though I have dissed how hot this fall has been, sitting outside in not too hot and not too cold weather to carve our pumpkins was pretty dang nice. Plus, it's given us more time to enjoy the backyard remodel, which we go out and play in everyday since getting the amazing fake grass...I seriously love that stuff. I wonder if they are looking for a spokesperson because I would totally sing them praises

Happy halloween! Have a safe one out there. I know my ninja, witch and astronaut are pretty excited about the day's festivities.

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