That Time a Burger King Ad Made Me Cry

And I'm not a cryer, so that is a big deal.

I'm sure all of us have been made fun of or picked on and made to feel like we were nothing. How much I wish someone had come up to me after that happening to encourage me...or even someone coming to stop it! So often, it feels like these mean behaviors are brushed off as things like "well, junior high is an awkward time for everyone" or "it's just a joke, lighten up." I don't care. There is never, I mean never, a reason to make fun of or put another person down. My kids and I talk about this often. We talk about how if something isn't a joke to the person you are joking about, then it isn't a joke at all, it's just being mean. But the thing is, not being mean isn't enough. We need to stand with those that are being picked on. Make sure they know that others have their back, love them and care for them.

And the problem isn't just with kids. Adults are mean. They make fun of strangers for how they look. The made little remarks, or yell out their cars at people. They throw food at homeless people. Yep, this is true. It broke my heart to hear when I brought a homeless guy some food one time and he hid behind his hands because he thought I was going to throw it at him. He said it happens all the time. We then call these adult bullies insecure and say they are jealous, making excuses for them rather than calling them out on their narcissistic and destructive behaviors.

It's time to take a stand folks. It's time to teach our children to be better. It's time for us to model those better behaviors. For us to stand up for people, even if we don't know them. I don't care where you land on any issue, bullying, name calling, physical assault, none of it is ok.

Take two minutes and watch the ad for yourself. It really is powerful.

And in case you wondered, I cried at the end when the people went to talk to the kid being bullied.

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