Willa's First Tooth


Willa got her first tooth! I should probably mention that I am that person that knows which milestones are left and looks for them constantly, trying to decide if today is the day or not. Did she just say "dada"? Was that a wave or did her hand just flail in the air? Was that a crawl forward or did she fall forward? Thankfully a tooth is a tooth is a tooth.

I have been checking Willa's mouth daily recently for teeth. I started checking originally because she became fussy and that is totally out of character for her. But her gums weren't bulging at all, so I thought we were a ways off from getting any teeth. So, imagine my surprise when I stuck my finger in her mouth to check things out and felt a little poke! At that point, the tooth had barely poked through in one spot. Now, almost a week later, the entire length of the tooth has come through.

Willa is really protective of her tooth and won't show anyone, so I have yet to get a decent picture of it. I know that will come soon enough and all those adorable smiles with tiny little teeth with be headed our way.

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