Callum's Preschool Open House

Just before we left on our trip to Nashville was Callum's preschool open house. As a mother, these are the types of things I eat up. Adorable little crafts, children proud of their artwork, proud of their classrooms, lovers of their teachers. Preschool is just such a sweet, sweet time. And I just love that the big crafts they do are the exact same ones that Connor and Isla did as well. 

The open house itself was rather chaotic with a million families smooshed into one classroom with preschoolers running every direction taking parents on a scavenger hunt of their classroom. But Callum enjoyed himself, and thats what matters. He also enjoyed showing off his obviously amazing artwork. 

^^ I didn't keep much artwork of the kids, but when I was cleaning out a closet the other day, I found both Connor and Isla's jellyfish like this. Now I feel like I should do something with them, since I have all three. I also thought that the preschool better still do this craft when it's Willa's turn!  

In case you wondered just how similar the crafts were with the other kids, totally samsies. Here's the proof - Connor and Isla. The entire building has undergone a renovation since we were last in that class five years ago, but the crafts remain the same! 

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