Celebrating Isla

Isla turned eight on Sunday and we had a fun weekend celebrating her. On Saturday, I took Isla and her best friend Amelie shopping at the mall. That was quite the experience! The girls enjoyed themselves and definitely enjoyed looking at EVERYTHING. They ended up getting matching dresses and sweaters, matching dangly earrings and matching necklaces. Now they are all set for their upcoming twins day at school. 

On Sunday, Isla's actual birthday, we had out families over to celebrate. Isla said it was the best birthday ever because she had two cakes. I had let her pick one out at the store on Saturday, then her and my dad made one together. Isla was also pretty jazzed because she got a lot of cash for her birthday from her grandparents and aunts and uncles. It was burning a hole in her pocket and she immediately wanted to go to Target to spend her money, but so far, I have held her off. 

Now this coming weekend, Isla gets to go to Disneyland with Amelie. She gets to do that instead of a birthday party this year. It should be fun because it's just me and Isla tagging along with Amelie, her sister and her mom. A fun girls day! 

Eight years sure did go by fast!!! In case you too want to walk down memory lane, here is Isla's birth day in photos. And her first birthday, third birthday and fifth. I have a picture of her blowing out her candles at her fifth birthday party hanging in our house and it always makes me smile. It's just one of those pictures that is so Isla. Time, man. It really is a thief.

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