Scenes from Quarantine {week ten}

Let's call this the week we broke quarantine. On Friday, we had an outdoor playdate with Isla's best friend and her family. We chose outdoors to be safe. And both sets of kids (ours and theirs) haven't been around anyone else. Let me tell you, it was glorious to be around other people. To watch the kids be kids. To watch them play with other kids. I missed that.

Isla got her "flat teacher" in the mail and did some fun things with her, like making and playing hopscotch and walking to Yogurt Mill. This was also our first time back at Yogurt Mill since this all started. The girls and I walked there, were able to order at the door, then took a walk back down the trail by our house to sit and eat it.

I guess it was an exciting week with all sorts of things happening. We also got to pick up the kids belongings from school. It was a drive thru where they handed you a garbage bag of your child's possessions. We went through twice, at each kids grade level time so they could see their teacher one last time.

Callum had what was supposed to be his last day of school this week. I celebrated by taking his last day of school picture like I normally would and reflecting on what would have happened at the end of his school year.

Look at all that outside household interaction that happened this week! We are trying to figure out how to safely proceed from here. It's all so muddy and weird. Especially with things opening back up.  I know we are more cautious than many in our community. But we just want to be safe and smart about it all.

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