Connor & Isla's Last Day of School

It's hard to believe that we are here. The last day of school happened. When everything switched to distance learning, it was kind of like we stepped into a time warp. Things that would make it seem like the end of school is coming didn't happen. There were no ends to the homework or parties to be planned. Things were basically business as usual right up until the end. The week before, we did go and pick up the kids possessions at school. But the last week of school had just as much schoolwork assigned as any other week. 

Connor got to end his distance learning with a class video call. That was a nice way to end everything. He gets quite animated on the video calls, so he enjoyed himself right up until the end. When I asked him what he wants to be when he grows up, he said, "A doctor...I mean, a surgeon...actually, a robotic surgeon!" Connor has taken a great interest in coding lately. He even coded his own website. A website talking about math. 

Isla had her last video call on Thursday. Her teacher made a video of the year and she started crying at the end of it...both Isla and the teacher! Her teacher didn't want to end the year on a sad note, so had a class dance party before signing off for the year. It was sweet. Of course, Isla still had school work to do Friday! When Isla grows up, she wants to be an artist or geologist. I could see both, as both are things she is interested in. 

And just like that, it's summer! It feels like nothing and everything has changed at the same time. I'm glad to not have schoolwork anymore, but it also brought structure to our days. Here's to hoping the kids get to go back to school at least part time in the fall, as I know they (especially Isla) miss the human interaction with people outside of our household. 

In case you want to look back - Connor and Isla's first day of school. And if you missed it, here was Callum's last day of school from last week. 

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