Baby it's Cold Outside!

Okay, so everyone knows it is cold in Edinburgh. And, I make sure no one forgets it! But tonight when Ian and I were getting ready for the gym, the amount of clothing we put on made me laugh! You can't tell from the picture, but both Ian and I are wearing 2 pairs of workout pants. I am also wearing 4 layers on top! Ian, being the manly guy that he is, managed with only 2 and a scarf.

I know I always complain of how cold it is here, but there is a reason. When you have to stand at a bus stop for who knows how long (the busses are never on time) and it is cold and windy, it is hard to stay warm! I remember how "hard" it was on me in LA to get in my car in the garage, drive to work and run from my car to a warm building. I also remember sitting in my office, blasting the space heater year round...Julianne was on the other side of the office rocking her fan! Oh the memories! For all of you out there, whenever you are warm, think of me!

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  1. Well.... when you come back to CA in winter it will feel like summer!


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